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Winterstoke Motor Company aim to help our customers understand all the finance options that are available to them, before looking to tailor the finance solution that is best for their needs. We have given an overview of two of the most popular finance products offered on this page.

Please do not hesitate to contact any branch to discuss your individual requirements.

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Hire Purchase

You enter into an agreement over a fixed period at a fixed installment. Upon payment of the final installment the vehicle becomes yours. We can tailor the lend to suit you needs with deposits starting from only £50.


  • An alternative funding line to bank overdrafts.
  • Ownership at the end of the contract
  • Low initial outlay
  • Flexible contract
  • Fixed monthly cost
  • Capital not tied up in the asset


PCP works very similar to Hire Purchase – with the added advantage of a guaranteed future value on the vehicle (GFV) at the end of the period.

PCP is for the individuals who want the option of eventual ownership coupled with the security and peace of mind of the Finance Company guaranteeing the vehicles value (subject to normal wear and tear and an agreed mileage) at the end of the period.

The option of a low initial deposit is payable, followed by a fixed monthly payment for the period of the loan. At the end of the agreement the guaranteed future value (GFV) becomes relevant and you have 3 end of contract options:

  • The vehicle may be owned by paying the guaranteed future value.This value is fixed at the start of the agreement and will be as stated on the original documentation.
  • The car can be handed back to the Finance Company , subject to the vehicle meeting the conditions in the agreement.
  • The vehicle may be part exchanged against a new vehicle using any equity, the difference between the cars trade in value and the guaranteed future value, as deposit.


  • Can allow a more expensive vehicle to be funded at a lower monthly cost
  • Guaranteed future value at end of term

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